Meme Zone

Here you can find some of the greatest memes and videos.

1.- HODL original post

This post from GameKyuubi in is brilliant. Goes to the point such directly that the spelling mistake he consciously made gave birth to a long list of memes and more, to the HODL movement.


Have you tried earning easy money trading cryptocurrencies? Then, you will enjoy it!

by Bizonacci

3.- Hey, hey, hey!

Do you differentiate a brilliant idea from marketing bullshit? Bitconnect was one of the biggest cryptocurrency scams in history. Here a remix that remind us of how easey is to be deceived.

watch CArlos Matos presenting Bitconnect

4.- Bitcoin is going to zero!

The Epic Bitcoin Dump of 2020 by BitcoinovejKanal

5.- Funds are safu!

by Bizonacci

6.- Money printer goes Brrr

7.- I will get Bitcoin as soon as it drops

8.- We are too busy!

9.- More HODL

10.- More HODL

11.- More HODL

12. More HODL

13.- Buy Bitcoin

14.- About the FUD

in the picture, Jamie Dimon, CEO of JP Morgan

15.- On blockchain hype

16.- On volatility

17.- On the concept fo Hard Money